Race Pack 選手物資

Only Personal Pickup in Compressport showroom

物資領取將會在與賽事同週布Compressport Showroom

Pickup race pack in Compressport Showroom

  • 2/22 Friday 10am to 8pm
  • 2/23 Saturday 12pm to 5pm

Address: No. 2-1, Lane 26, Songjiang Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ZxXZixdtdJv

領取物資,地點在 Compressport Showroom

  • 2月22日 上午10點到8點
  • 2月23日 下午12點到5點

地點: 台北市松江路26巷2-1號

地圖: https://goo.gl/maps/ZxXZixdtdJv

Cannot pickup race pack? Your friend can do for you. Please print out Entry Disclaimer (download here), sign it and give to us during race pack pickup. More in rules of BR events.

如果您無法親自到場領取,請列印參賽同意書並在上面簽名(連結文件將於此 download Entry Disclaimer),並請朋友攜帶同意書代領取

尺碼  GENDER Shirt size (男 Male or 女 Female)

  • Please choose carefully your shirt during registration, changes will not be possible
  • Sizes and cut are same as in Formosa Trail 2018
  • visualization is just preview, final product may vary from this

男 MALE SIZE Chest (cm, half perimeter) Body Length (cm)
XS 男 45 60
S 男 48 63
M 男 51 65
L 男 53 68
XL 男 56 70
2XL 男 58 73
tolerance ± 1cm

T-shirt and poster designed by TORO & HARE Studio see more awesome art: https://www.facebook.com/toroandhare/

女 FEMALE SIZE Chest (cm, half perimeter) Body Length (cm)
XS 女 40 56
S 女 43 59
M 女 46 61
L 女 48 64
XL 女 51 66
2XL 女 53 69
tolerance ± 1cm

紀念衫及海報由TORO & HARE Studio 設計,更多更棒的設計請連結此: https://www.facebook.com/toroandhare/

Beast Runners long headband

Race pack and registration fee include

  • T-Shirt Run Through The Jungle
  • race bib
  • lunch and drink after race
  • downloadable online certificate
  • insurance
  • special price of sponsors products via BR eshop
  • finisher gift (not necessary finisher medal)
  • lot fun and adventure trail in jungle
  • option of transportation in case of DNF or cut from Check Point (you may wait long for transport)


  • 賽事紀念衫
  • 號碼布
  • 賽事後提供便當及飲料
  • 下載電子檔完賽證明
  • 保險
  • 跑山獸電子商城贊助商產品優惠價(BR eshop)
  • 完賽禮品(不一定為完賽獎牌)
  • 在叢林裡有個非常棒的探險體驗及樂趣
  • DNF或在補給站關門的接駁車(您有可能會等待一段時間)

FINISHER GIFT – BEAST cutlery and straw set

no more cups, no more disposable in our events

  • BEAST cutlery set
  • bamboo fork and knife
  • bamboo spoon
  • bamboo chopstick
  • stainless steel standard straw
  • stainless steel pearl tea straw (珍珠奶茶)
  • straw brush
  • pouch with carbine and Beast Runners logo
  • please note that we will no longer provide bowls, cups or cutlery neither during nor after our events


  • Every finisher will receive Survive Dog Tag and finisher gift (only finishers!)
  • We do not do paper certificates. Certificates
  • Enjoy food and drink in venue but bring your bowl and cutlery