RESULTS 22/2/2020

Run Through The Jungle V CERTIFICATES

RTTJ5 certificates 10km, 17km, 34km, volunteers

notice: certificates sorted by race time and distance


notice: certificates sorted by race time and distance

You Run Through The Jungle,
it was tough, it was dirty, it was great. Weather was ideal with rain bonus for 34km runners coming afternoon to finish. Many course records were set.
Amazing was watch local 周青 Ching Chou (TPE) compete with Teruki Tanikawa (JPN) in 34km, Ching speed up from last Check Point by -2:30 and finished 4:42:20 and breaking his own course record from 2018 by 14 minutes, wow.
陳宏芹 Stella Chen is obliviously in great shape and won and set 34km course record on 6:27:39.

Nathaniel Dick lead from start to finish of 17km in 2:13:33, just 30s behind course record. 劉夢蕾 Mong Lei Liu smashed female record and it will be hard to break 2:40:40.

10k top runners were sent in wrong direction on beginning, but still got their best and compete hard and 1st male 周俊彥 Eagle Chun Yen and 1st female 陳秀卿 Hsiu Ching Chen.

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Champions and course records 20/2/2020

Congratulations. Many course records were break and we saw great competition.

Set new course records in 2020: 🏆Course record 🇹🇼 Taiwanese course record 🌍Foreigner course record

34km – Male
1周青 Ching ChouTPE4:42:20🏆🇹🇼22/2/2020
2Teruki TanikawaJPN4:44:53🌍22/2/2020
3Yuta MatsuyamaJPN5:17:5922/2/2020
4Landry BenoitFRA5:40:5822/2/2020
5 Andreas Toft DEN5:49:1822/2/2020
34km – Female
1陳宏芹 Stella ChenTPE6:27:39🏆🇹🇼22/2/2020
2范瑄文 Hsuan Wen FanTPE7:03:1522/2/2020
3何若君 Ho-Chun HoTPE7:23:4622/2/2020
4李惠萍 Hui-Ping LeeTPE7:26:3622/2/2020
5Yasuko NomuraJPN7:44:19🌍22/2/2020
17km – Male
1Nathaniel DickUSA2:13:33🌍22/2/2020
2翁冠霖 Kuan-Lin WengTPE2:18:2322/2/2020
3吳奇穎 Chi-Ying WuTPE2:19:5922/2/2020
4Christoph LexGER2:25:4422/2/2020
5Diogo ProcopioBRA2:26:2422/2/2020
17km – Female
1劉夢蕾 Mong Lei LiuTPE2:40:40🏆🇹🇼22/2/2020
2王竹賢 Chu Hsien WangTPE2:59:1222/2/2020
3鄭羽倢 Yu-Chieh ChengTPE3:04:2922/2/2020
4Aveir ChangTPE3:04:5222/2/2020
5黃勤雅 Chin Ya HuangTPE3:10:1122/2/2020
8Sarah HamedGER3:22:33🌍22/2/2020
10km – Male
1周俊彥 Eagle Chun YenTPE1:42:4222/2/2020
2廖明文 Ming-Wen LiaoTPE1:48:5922/2/2020
3張翊笙 I Sheng ChangTPE1:49:1322/2/2020
4Kenichi NagatsukaJPN1:53:48🌍22/2/2020
5賴明得 Mingde LaiTPE1:54:4222/2/2020
10km – Female
1陳秀卿 Hsiu Ching ChenTPE2:03:5622/2/2020
2高玉美 Yu Mei KaoTPE2:17:4522/2/2020
3Shauna MikulewiczUSA2:18:3022/2/2020
4林娟 Chuan LinTPE2:24:4522/2/2020
5謝艾芸 Ai Yun HsiehTPE2:30:0122/2/2020

RESULTS 24/2/2019


RTTJ4 finisher certificates

notice: certificates sorted by race time and distance

Champions and course records 24/2/2019

And boy did it rain! A record number of runners (25% of all registered DNS) did not dare face the tough weather this year! All I can say is: too bad for them, as the tough course made for great memories! In the words of the last 34k female finisher: “It was pretty epic!”

  • RTTJ4 34km
    • Congratulations to local runners 陳秀卿 Hsiu Ching Chen (7:41:02) and 周青 Ching Chou – Salomon Taiwan (5:19:40) who took the win in the female and male 34k race!
    • Also in the male race, Sasha Tarasov (RUS) and Yuta Matsuyama (JPN) shared the second place, finishing together after a long struggle! This is not Sasha’s first time sharing his position with a runner from Japan, and we can only admire his sportsmanship!
  • RTTJ4 17km
    • In the 17k race, the2018 Beast Runners SLAM RAPID winner 陳嘉政 Chia Cheng Chen proved his value once again by taking the win in 2:16:15! The female race had Taiwanese 林筱禎 Hsiao Chen Lin 3:13:37 take the podium!
    • In her second appearance in BR events, Pauline Bodson (BEL) set a new 17k women course record (foreigner), finishing in a time of 3:33:24.
  • RTTJ4 10km
    • The constant downpours, mud, and generally difficult course were no match for these beasts! In the FEMALE 10km race Melanie Haarring (Birthday Hash) set a new course record by a full 24 minutes, finishing in a an amazing 1:55:31!
    • In the Male race, 蔡朋憲 Peng Hsien Tsai set the course record for the second year in a row, improving his performance by 3 minutes and finishing in a speedy 1:38:08.
  • We want to congratulate all of those who braved the tough weather conditions and came out to face the Jungle this year, as well as friends who came out to support! You make our events great and we couldn’t do this without you!

Set new course records in 2019: 🏆Course record 🇹🇼 Taiwanese course record 🌍Foreigner course record

34km – Male
1周青 Ching ChouTPE5:19:4024/2/2019
2Yuta MatsuyamaJPN5:46:5024/2/2019
3Sasha TarasovRUS5:46:5024/2/2019
4周平記 Pin Chi ChouTPE5:55:5624/2/2019
5Cory LewandowskiUSA6:03:3824/2/2019
34km – Female
1陳秀卿 Hsiu Ching ChenTPE7:41:0224/2/2019
2何若君 Jo-Chun HoTPE8:14:0724/2/2019
3Catherine KaarGBR8:42:4224/2/2019
4Hien TranCZE9:18:1024/2/2019
5Yasuko NomuraJPN9:32:3024/2/2019
17km – Male
1陳嘉政 Chia Cheng ChenTPE2:16:1524/2/2019
2Tom FifieldAUS2:30:0024/2/2019
3鍾少勇 Shao Yung ChungTPE2:37:1324/2/2019
4Nicholas DoengesUSA2:38:0024/2/2019
5黃暉恩 Ryan HuangTPE2:38:3624/2/2019
17km – Female
1林筱禎 Hsiao Chen LinTPE3:13:3724/2/2019
2Pauline BodsonBEL3:33:24🌍 24/2/2019
3郭美宏 Mie Hong KuoTPE3:37:3524/2/2019
4范瑄文 Hsuan Wen FanTPE3:39:2624/2/2019
5黃子恬 Camille HuangTPE3:46:3424/2/2019
10km – Male
1蔡朋憲 Peng Hsien TsaiTPE1:38:08🏆 24/2/2019
2周俊彥 Eagle ChouTPE1:48:2024/2/2019
3王綱 Kang WangTPE1:48:3324/2/2019
4游哲睿 Che-Jui YuTPE1:55:1924/2/2019
5林玟杰 Wen Chieh LinTPE1:55:2424/2/2019
10km – Female
1Melanie HaarringGER1:55:31 🏆🌍24/2/2019
2周怡君 Yichun ChouTPE2:00:26🇹🇼 24/2/2019
3楊詩婷 Shih Ting YangTPE2:12:4324/2/2019
4Natalia EfremovaRUS2:27:3524/2/2019
5何小鈴 Hsiao Ling HoTPE2:29:2124/2/2019

“TROPHIES” – Jungle chair DIY

RESULTS 24/2/2018


notice: certificates sorted by BIB number

Champions and course records 24/2/2018

weather was mercy and we could see awesome performance in each category

  • 34KM
    • break course record of 34km by one hour by 周青 Chou Ching (4:56:08), Sasha (5:14) and Cory (5:35)
    • in female category almost by 50minutes Stella (7:08:11), followed by 蘇慧芬 Hui Fen Su (7:23) and 李惠萍 (7:52)
  • 17KM
    • 陳嘉政 smashed 17km course record (and unofficial record of director record 2:15) by time of 2:13:08
    • 張瑋婷 Wei-Ting Chang first woman in history sub 3 hours (2:53:25) improved course record by 45minutes
  • 10KM
    • 蔡朋憲 Peng Hsien Tsai lead from start to finish line in 1:41:48 and set man course record of 10km
    • 王竹賢 Chu Hsien Wang (Masalu Wang) crossed finish line in new course record 2:19:14

Set new course records in 2018: 🏆Course record 🇹🇼 Taiwanese course record 🌍Foreigner course record

34km – Male
1周青 Ching ChouTPE4:56:08*🏆🇹🇼 24/2/2018
2Sasha TarasovRUS5:14:54*🌍 24/2/2018
3Cory LewandowskiUSA5:35:2324/2/2018
4Patrick Jose Scott-GrahamGBR6:12:4624/2/2018
5Derek ToberUSA6:22:0024/2/2018
34km – Female
1陳宏芹 Stella ChenTPE7:08:11🏆🇹🇼 24/2/2018
2蘇慧芬 Hui Fen SuTPE7:23:2724/2/2018
3李惠萍 Hui-Ping LeeTPE7:51:5524/2/2018
4林筱禎 Hsiao Chen LinTPE8:02:2524/2/2018
5Yenju ChenTPE8:15:3924/2/2018
17km – Male
1陳嘉政 Chia Cheng ChenTPE2:13:08🏆🇹🇼 24/2/2018
2Julien DeruèreFRA2:26:52🌍 24/2/2018
3Tom FifieldAUS2:30:1424/2/2018
4任龍欣 Long-Hsin JenTPE2:33:2424/2/2018
5Corentin JoyeuxFRA2:35:3824/2/2018
17km – Female
1張瑋婷 Wei-Ting ChangTPE2:53:25🏆🇹🇼 24/2/2018
2林育如 Yu-Ju LinTPE3:17:2124/2/2018
3張菀芳 Natasha ChangTPE3:19:4424/2/2018
4吳宜津 Yi-Chin WuTPE3:25:4124/2/2018
5戴文音 Dai Wen YinTPE3:28:4224/2/2018
10km – Male
1蔡朋憲 Peng Hsien TsaiTPE1:41:48🏆🇹🇼 24/2/2018
2蘇駿發 Chun-Fa SuTPE1:53:1724/2/2018
3吳晉杰 Chin-Chieh WuTPE2:04:0824/2/2018
4Nicola D AngeloUSA2:09:2724/2/2018
5Pedro Campillo MartinezESP2:17:5624/2/2018
10km – Female
1王竹賢 Chu Hsien WangTPE2:19:14🏆🇹🇼 24/2/2018
2夏禎旎 Chen Ni HsiaTPE2:23:5224/2/2018
3黃茜渝 Chien-Yu HuangTPE2:25:0624/2/2018
4Melanie HaarringGER2:30:33🌍 24/2/2018
5張嵋嵐 Milan ChangTPE2:53:3124/2/2018

RESULTS 25/2/2017


  • all survived certificates sorted by BIB number HERE in TBR Facebook album
  • congratulations to everyone, it was hardest course in hard weather
  • note:
    • you can download, tag, share, you can give us love @taiwnabeastrunners
    • your english name, birthday, nationality is used for ITRA, use same in future

Champions and course record 25/2/2017

set new course records in 2017:  *Course record   *Taiwanese course record   *Foreigner course record

(course little changed from 2016, add stream section for everyone, run 0.5km and back to view on 17km, exchange road with nicer trail before second check point of 34km)

34km – Male
1Henri LehkonenAUS5:50:30**25/2/2017
2周青 Ching ChouTPE6:03:39*25/2/2017
3Randall Vargas BarrantesCRC6:23:5725/2/2017
4陳永勝 Yung Sheng ChenTPE6:27:4025/2/2017
5Marco WoodtliSUI6:27:4125/2/2017
34km – Female
1蔡淑惠 Shu-Hui TsaiTPE7:56:40**25/2/2017
2古佳惠 Maggie KuTPE8:12:3225/2/2017
3梁冠妮 Wiwin LeungHKG8:15:07*25/2/2017
4郭婉婷 Wan Ting KuoTPE8:25:2225/2/2017
5何若君 Jo-Chun HoTPE25:33.025/2/2017
17km – Male
1Elia YaremchukCAN2:40:04**25/2/2017
2Zach VanderplateUSA2:40:0925/2/2017
3樂廷峰 Corentin JoyeuxFRA2:41:5225/2/2017
4余沛樺 Pei-Hua YuTPE2:57:38*25/2/2017
5Tom FifieldAUS3:02:1525/2/2017
17km – Female
1林筱禎 Hsiao-Chen LinTPE3:40:42**25/2/2017
2Yenju ChenTPE3:43:3625/2/2017
3安琪拉 Angela CollenbergTPE3:55:0125/2/2017
4Chisato UrataJPN3:59:03*25/2/2017
5林靜君 Ching Chun LinTPE4:11:5725/2/2017
10km – Male
1Will BarnardGBR1:54:52**25/2/2017
2蔡英豪 Tsai Ying-HaoTPE2:43:20*25/2/2017
3Alexander van RossemNED2:55:0025/2/2017
4魏詩延 Shih-Yen WeiTPE2:59:0625/2/2017
5陳丞德 Chenter ChenTPE3:00:2225/2/2017
10km – Female
1胡珈瑄 Ashley HuTPE2:43:2125/2/2017
2吳珍珠 Chen-Chu WuTPE2:48:2825/2/2017
3范庭嫣 Tingyen FanTPE3:17:2425/2/2017
4陸品妤 Eva LuTPE3:17:5025/2/2017
5陳品君 Tatiana ChenTPE3:19:3725/2/2017

RESULTS 28/2/2016


CERTIFICATES download (sorted by BIB in .pdf  or .jpg)

 完賽證書 完賽證書下載(以JPG或PDF分類)

Champions 28/2/2016

10km femaleIsabella HaarringStella ChenJan-Chu Wu
 TPE – HaarringTPE – HaarringTPE – JC322
10km maleAlexander van RossemMoonsea KoHsun-Wen Yu
 NLD – Taiwan Beast RunnersTPETPE – 小米米
16km femaleHsiao Ya ChengYiping TungShan Shan Chan
 TPE – 天生玩家TPE – 怪醫二人組HKG
16km maleJerry LeeShang En ChiangChien-Hung Cheng
34km femaleAmelia OrtizLin LoMaggie Ku
 USA – Taiwan Beast RunnersTPETPE – Taiwan Beast Runners
 06:36:36 (female course record)08:50:21 (Taiwanese female course record)10:30:46
34km maleHiroki IshikawaYung Sheng ChenCory Lewandowski
 06:00:45 (male course record)06:19:46 (Taiwanese male course record)6:45:49


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