Rules & Equipment 重要事項

Mandatory Gear

  • Runner must start and finish the race with the gear listed below ✓.
    • Random checks will occur during the race, include finish line.
    • Any of items missing = DSQ
  • Please see prohibited items and behavior () below (as exchange BIB, littering, wear visor, subject in hands,… ) 
    • Prohibited items and behavior = DSQ
  • very recommended items
Hydration pack


with capacity of 2L for 34 and 17km (0.7L for 10km)



has to be ON at least till 7am, reflective ribbons first 5km

Mobile Phone


fully charged and ON, emergency contact on BIB, please give us your phone on entry disclaimer



you may not wear them, but have to take during whole run

BIB and chip 
Light Jacket
Waterproof jacket


  • Jacket with hood and made with a waterproof (recommendation: minimum 10,000 Schmerber) and breathable (recommendation: RET lower than 13) membrane (Gore-Tex or similar).
First-aid kit


  • bandage for bandage or a strapping, min. 100cm x 5cm
  • adhesive tape
  • 3pcs povidone-iodine swabs
  • 3pcs medical patch
  • antihistamine (very recommended, compulsory for participants with any allergy)
Emergency Blanket 
Course Map


(in race pack for 34km, please understand the course, there will not be marshals)

GPS device


with course (.gpx download)

run with others BIB or give BIB to someone else is absolutely not tolerated
wear hat or visor is prohibited
use poles in first 4km is prohibited
carry bottle in hands (include holders) is prohibited
not wear shoes is prohibited
take photos in narrow areas is prohibited

Prohibited items and behavior for all categories (DSQ)

  • run with others BIB or give BIB to someone else is absolutely not tolerated
  • wear hat or visor is not recommended (due to limited vision for branches, wear BUFF is very recommended – in race pack)
  • gloves and free hands are necessary (no bottles or phone in hands)
  • use poles in first 4km is prohibited (we do not recommend poles at all)
  • not wear shoes is prohibited (even in stream section)
  • take photos in narrow areas is prohibited
  • block faster runners (please be aware of fast runners from 17 and 34km in final section)
  • if you want pass front runners please inform him first

First Aid Kit

NO cup, NO dish, NO cutlery

  • no disposable cups, dishes, chopstick in Beast Runners events anymore
  • bring your own reservoir, cup or dish for race
  • bring your own cup, dish and chopstick for food in venue (usually will be buffet style)
  • beer and drink in finish will be in cans or glass bottles (by convenience of event venue)
  • remember – if there will be anything disposable it is YOUR choice to use it or find reusable way

Water in our events

  • since 2018 water in our races are mostly in big reusable barrels
  • if there are PET bottles they are for backup or peak hours purpose, use water from barrel if possible
  • we still use bottles in small check points where is not economical to access
  • we use local sport drink and Coke in bottles