How to Prepare 如何準備

There may be training on course before race day, keep updated via BR Facebook


there will be at least one training c. month before race with organizers

GPS device is mandatory equipment. Why:

  • The course will be marked, but GPS is mandatory equipment, it is for safety reason
  • You have to download gpx or kml from section website Course 賽程 (two weeks before race will be published final)
  • If map is provided you have to have on during run in plastic foil
  • If you are not sure you are on course = check gps
  • Did you get really lost and cannot find marks = gps
  • Did you get hurt or anybody else = read coordinates and give position to organizers by phone (eg. 24.9239, 121.5859, three to four decimals are enough)
  • You can also use map of course and find significant point which you pass (eg. 20minutes after CP, etc.)
  • NEVER LEFT COURSE without permission of organizers!!! There is almost zero chance find anybody out of course!
  • There is almost 100% chance you can be find on course. With known location relatively fast!!

Preparation and tips (Be Beast)

  • See section Details and Regulations 重要注意事項 and follow Rules & Equipment.
  • Study course online or from map.
  • For most events jacket, mobile phone, whistle, water and enough nutrition is mandatory.
  • Don’t use hiking poles in most of the Beast events, there is not space on trail for and you may need free hands. You can take wood branch (bamboo is best) anywhere in forest. Or have one pole can be helpful.
  • Headlamp is mandatory:
    • for race with cut time over 5 hours: one light
    • cut time over 8 hour – one good quality (strong) headlamp (eg. Fenix HM65R or HL32R)
    • for race over 10 hours two lights are necessary (at least one headlamp).
    • Remove or unplug batteries during the day, it prevent accidentally discharging
  • Apparel:
    • Jacket or better waterproof jacket is very important, In Taiwan can be really cold.
    • GLOVES are mandatory equipment
    • Wear BUFF is better than wear visor or hat you can see branches above your head! You know!
    • Wear more free long pants over your short in colder weather, you can put any time down. Take older or cheap, because is easy to tear.
    • For long races take extra synthetic socks to your bag. Use wool or polyester socks, don’t use cotton.
    • Wear gaiter (socks/shoes cover) is great:
      • Protection from branches and thorns
      • Prevent mud, sand, dirt from entering the top of the shoe
      • Great prevention from sticky and itchy grass seeds stick to your socks
      • Keeps tie shoelaces
      • Prevent from ligh splash of water and give you little heat comfort in colder day
  • Eat and drink:
    • Drink and eat constantly food which you know. In humid is easy to dehydrate by sweating.
    • For longer races is better accept normal food on begging (rather take your favorite sandwich or Runivore bar than eat gels from beginning), but
    • Later in race eat food which is easy to consume.
    • Take enough water when you can, eg. in Check Point. Almost every temple in Taiwan has drinkable water.
    • There are usually not shops (7-11 or local store) on course, but it is not prohibited buy from. Cash 500NTD is mandatory.
    • Drink water in higher mountains can be save, better than thirst, but don’t do it till really need.
  • Wild animals and leeches:
    • Use bug repellent around your ankles, leeches doesn’t like it.
    • Remove leeches with solt, alcohol or repellent, it bleeding less.
    • Don’t  need worry about wild animals, they scare more than you.
    • Don’t step behind or run without control, you can hurt or fall badly, keep calm.
    • Occasionally wasp can be dangerous, don’t run through their nest, they will bite others behind you. Walk slowly around with enough distance.
    • Snakes are present in nature, but they also don’t want collision without you. Snakes are often nocturnal. They can be often present on warm road at the evening.




  • 請閱讀”重要注意事項”,並遵循規格&裝備
  • 閱讀線上賽程或是從地圖
  • 從大部分的活動外套手機口哨及足夠的營養素皆是強制性裝備。
  • 請勿使用登山杖在大部分跑山獸活動裡,這邊的山徑沒有很大的空間使用,必須使雙手有足夠的空間及彈性,可以拿樹枝當手杖(竹子是最好),所處皆是樹林,一個手杖是有幫助的!
  • 頭燈是強制性裝置:
    • 賽程關門時間超過5小時: 一種燈具
    • 關門時間超過8小時-一個品質好(強壯)的頭燈(例如: HM65R or HL32R )
    • 關門時間超過10個小時–兩種燈具是必須的(至少一個頭燈)
    • 白天的時候可以移除或是不要安裝電池,保護電池意外地放電


  • 外套或是功能較好的防水外套是非常重要的,在台灣也有可能非常冷
  • 手套是強制性裝備
  • 戴頭巾比鴨舌帽或是帽子好可以看到在頭上的樹枝!您知道!
  • tear.
  • 在寒冷的氣候穿著長褲,可隨時脫下,建議帶較舊或便宜的褲子,因為有可能容易被樹枝撕破
  • 長距離的賽事可以在的背包裡攜帶合成襪子,羊毛或是聚酯纖維的襪子最好,請不要使用棉材質的
  • 綁腿套(覆蓋襪子/鞋子)是最好的
    • 保護樹枝及荊棘
    • 保護泥濘,沙子,土進入鞋子裡面
    • 保護沾黏及發癢的草進到襪子
    • 保持鞋帶不鬆落
    • 保護水飛濺到鞋子哩,並可以在濕冷天氣保持些溫暖


  • 不間斷地補充食物及水,在潮濕的環境下易出汗導致身體脫水狀況
    • 較長距離的賽程,在開跑前最好先食用一般的食物(如最愛的三明治或是Runivore奇亞子能量棒,這些會比吃液體的能量更好,稍後在賽程裡則食用較容易吸收的食物.
    • 如果可以的話,攜帶足夠的水,例如:在補給站裡一定要裝足水,在台灣幾乎每個寺廟都有提供可以飲用的水
    • 在這次賽程裡沒有便利商店(7-11或是雜貨店),但是沒有禁止購買,請攜帶500元現金為強制性裝備
    • 在較高的山裡請隨時補充水分,不要等到非常飢渴時再補充


  • 請在腳踝上塗抹防蟲液
  • 請使用鹽巴,酒精或是驅蟲劑移除水蛭
  • 不需要擔心野生動物,其實它們更怕我們人類
  • 不要毫無控制地後退或是跑掉,有可能會不小心跌倒,請保持冷靜
  • 虎頭蜂可以是非常危險的,請不要跑越它們的巢穴,它們會叮咬後面的選手
  • 蛇是這個季節會出現大自然裡,但它們不想要與其碰撞,它們通常是夜行性動物,習慣出現在夜晚較暖的路上