Run Through The Jungle IV

by Beast Runners


24th February 2019 (RTTJ5 is planned 22nd February 2020)


Taiwan - Taipei - Xindian district - deep Jungle


  • 10km / 800m D+ (start 8am, cut time 5 hours) MOWGLI run - Easier, but not easy, great trail experience
  • 17km / 1250m D+ (start 7am, cut time 7 hours, 1 new ITRA point) TARZAN trail - Some difficulties over two jungles.
  • 34km / 2400m D+ (start 6am, cut time 11hours, 2 new ITRA points, GPS device is mandatory) RAMBO veteran adventure - Very difficult


Course of Run Through The Jungle is designed in very wild nature of Taipei surrounding. There are many sections in jungle and deep forest. The longest course required experience on wild trails and full mandatory equipment for semi-autonomy in nature. Middle distance is great for adventure trail runners who wish try adventure in wild nature. Short option is easier but not easy. Please understand difficulty of the event before sign up for it.


  • REGISTRATION of RTTJ4 is STILL OPEN for 34km (include T-shirts)